What’s the number one reason people don’t offer help when they see a marriage in trouble?

It’s simple: Very few know what to say, what to do, or how, exactly, to help. 

We believe God has placed you in the way of that potential disaster of a marriage for a reason. You can help, and we’ll show you how.

Depending on Why You’re Here, one of the options below will be your go-to source for fulfilling your purpose.  These specific tools make the difference between your ability to save relationships and that desperate, futile feeling of standing helplessly by.


Nothing disarms a combatant quite like the phrase, “Me, too.” Re|Engage is a weekly gathering where couples meet with other couples. One facilitating couple assists the group in working through a curriculum to reconnect, reignite, or resurrect their marriage.  Topics run the gamut, so both pressing matters and less obvious subjects are covered in a safe, reliable, supportive community environment.

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Cost: $20 per couple for initial phase, Open Group (6-8 weeks)  $100 per couple for Closed Group. Includes child care and materials. Scholarships available.

SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts)

A marriage assessment tool with 2 (or more) follow-up sessions. This resource positions marriages for future success by hooking them up with every possible advantage. Plus, it shines a fresh light into areas of marriage that need work.  For example, Fight Types, Talk Styles, Money Methods, Personalities, Love Life, Deepest Longing, and more.

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Cost: $35 per couple for the on-line assessment.  $150 per couples for 2 facilitating sessions with certified SYMBIS facilitator.  Scholarships available.


A marriage mentoring program that connects mentoree couples with a trained mentor couple who meet one-on-one monthly for 12-18 months.  Mentor couples are provided a “Mentor Field Guide” with 25-30 tools to use with their disciple couples.  Disciple couples are then provided a collection of helpful information in the form of a workbook. Here, they can organize and reference the tools given to them by their mentors.

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Cost: $35 per mentor couple for the Field Guide. $15 per mentoree couple for the workbook and additional materials. Scholarships available.


This service determines the best next step for couples.  It includes a portfolio of options including MMUSA, plus referrals for professional “fee-based” marriage counseling.

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Cost: Complimentary