That precious kiss

Gotta love this!  Dale Matthews (wife Demetra) took the 6-second kiss idea to a Whole New Level and wrote a song entitled, “That Precious Kiss”.


If you recall from my last blog post titled The 6-second kiss, I talked about the importance of truly connecting with your spouse. Well, Dale took this post to the next level!


That Precious Kiss
I can’t live without that morning kiss
Nothing’s quite as valuable as this
I love that look in your eye
as you straighten my tie
I love that smile on your face
and your warm embrace
But it’s that morning kiss I simply can’t resist!

Verse two
I can’t live without that midday kiss
Pulls me out of my midday abyss
I love that look in your eye
It’s power you can’t deny
I love that smile on your face
That guides me through my race
But it’s that midday kiss I simply can’t resist!

Verse three
I can’t live without that evening kiss
That brings me joy and endless happiness
I love that look in your eye
As you loosen my tie
I love that smile on your face
The promise of your grace
But it’s that evening kiss I simply can’t resist!

Verse four

I can’t live without that good-night kiss
That ushers in a night of utter bliss
I love that look in your eye
I’m such a lucky guy!
I love that smile on your face
That leaves a lovely trace
But it’s that good-night kiss I simply can’t resist!


That precious kiss! I cannot miss! 
On that precious kiss I must insist!
For that precious kiss I will persist
That precious kiss I can’t resist!


Gotta love the morning kiss, the mid-day kiss, the evening kiss, the goodnight kiss!


Thanks Dale, for such a beautiful treasure in this song! 


Read the full lyrics and music to the song titled That Precious Kiss! Enjoy! And remember to kiss your spouse today! 



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